Behind the Haus

I've always been drawn to fragrance. The way it can envelop us, transport us to another place, evoke a memory, or simply make us feel good. I remember family vacations in Florida. We would go every year, sometimes several times in a single year. The scents of orange groves and jasmine filled the air everywhere we went. This is my fondest scent memory. It's so calming and peaceful and brings back so many nostalgic memories. Little did I know the journey that specific scent would one day ignite.

I'm Andrew "Andy" Lehmann. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to a Swiss-German and Polish family. Growing up, I was always artistic and creative, and it was an integral part of my life as a kid and young adult. Whether I was creating cleaning products from plants, building theatrical sets, or on a stage performing, I was always creating and doing. I went on to attend university for architecture, but I signed a modeling contract before finishing so I packed my bags and moved to California, where I've lived since 2010.

During my time modeling, new friends introduced me to the world of luxury candles and fragrances. I was fascinated by the way these candles could transform a space, and I was inspired by the feelings and memories they evoked. The thought of making candles came up, but it was only a random idea at this point in my story. A creative venture I needed to be more mature to conquer.

After a few years of modeling, I decided to leave the industry and pursue a career in television commercial production. I got a job as a production assistant and worked my way up. The hours were long and grueling, but I loved working on big projects. However, I missed being creative and started feeling like I was losing a part of myself.

I would come home from work exhausted, but I needed a hobby to take my mind off things. One day, I started researching and studying fragrances and how to make them. I began ordering different oils and extracts to experiment with and create my own fragrances. While developing my first scents in my small studio apartment kitchen, I revisited my candle-making idea and found a gap in sustainably-made luxury candles. I admired the science behind fragrance creation and the craftsmanship in making a quality candle. Both trades offer their own complexities and are equally creative and fascinating. After relentless dedication, I established LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS in 2016, and life would eventually lead me to leave my job in television production.

My creative outlet turned creative project, LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS is built on a foundation of profound craftsmanship and quality to create olfactive ambiances.

Design with fragrance. Create ambiance through story. Natural and Non-toxic ingredients. Candlemaker since 2016.

Welcome to the Haus. Welcome to your Haus.