Willkommen to the Haus

Lehmann Design Haus started as a creative exploration during a time in my life where there was a lot of change, and I was searching for a therapeutic outlet.

I started researching how to make a candle since it was one of those things I talked about doing for years. In the beginning, I had a lot to learn about the different variables that go into candle-making. From there, it was a lot of trial and error- not to mention the mess.

In my research, I found that many companies are still using questionable ingredients in their candles, so I wanted to change that. I started searching for high-quality and sustainable materials to use in my candles. I wanted to provide people with ambiance without toxins. I quickly turned my tiny Los Angeles studio apartment into a factory, and Lehmann Design Haus was born.

My candles are different because I use natural and biodegradable coconut wax with organic cotton wicks and fragrances made without parabens and other harmful carcinogens.

We made the boxes and tissue paper from post-consumer recycled papers, and we made labels from a black vellum material consisting of cotton and wood pulp.

To this day, I still pour the candles in small batches to maintain my high standard of quality. When you burn one of our candles, you’ll notice the difference.

Thank you for being here. Enjoy taking a look around the Haus.

All the best,
Andrew Lehmann, Founder and CEO