I’m not revolutionizing candles. I'm defying ubiquitous monotony with meticulous craftsmanship. From sourcing every ingredient used in my fragrances to creating each candle by hand from natural materials, you experience slow-made luxury with every flicker. This is an art. This is my art.

x Andrew Lehmann, Founder

A selfie of LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS Founder Andrew Lehmann using cannon camera in mirror.
Natural and Non-toxic scented luxury coconut soy wax candle.

Unmatched Details

Since 2016, I have been mastering the art of candlemaking and fragrance development. The process is complex and scientific.

It all starts with scent. Each fragrance meets the standards set by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and is hand-blended using non-toxic and essential oils. The oil is added to the molten coconut soy wax blend at varying temperatures for optimal scent dispersion and carefully poured into the glass vessel with a pure cotton wick. Once the wax is fully cured, the wick trimmed, and the glass cleaned, the candle is ready to be labeled and carefully packaged inside its signature black box.

The final result is uncompromising quality to evoke an elevated ambiance.


LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS is committed to reducing environmental impact wherever possible.

An array of environmentally conscious practices, ingredients, and materials are used throughout the production of every product.

As LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS grows and discovers new initiatives in sustainability, adapting new processes to help create a better tomorrow is always at the forefront.

If you have any questions or have specific initiatives you would like to see from LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS, please get in touch and email hello@lehmanndesignhaus.com

Natural and Non-toxic scented luxury coconut soy wax candle.