Behind the Haus

I'm Andrew Lehmann, the founder, and candlemaker behind LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS.

This started as a creative outlet and an escape from my demanding day job. I would come home exhausted from working a 15-hour day, but I always grew energized by learning and creating. It was my me-time. A time when nothing else really mattered. The obsession with creating the perfect candle eventually turned into a business after much encouragement from family and friends.

Inspired by other entrepreneurs and creatives, LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS was born in 2016 out of my tiny studio apartment in Los Angeles, California.

Today, LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS has become more of an art form than just your average candle company. I strive to be the best version of myself and carry this principle into my brand. I am constantly creating and developing, and I am grateful to everyone who has shared their support over the years, allowing me to continue sharing my passion with all of you.