Cedar + Vanilla Estate Candle

Lost in the pages of an old book. Soaking in the story, yearning for more.

Meticulously handcrafted in Santa Barbara, California, in limited quantities.

The Estate Candle is created specifically for you upon ordering. Kindly allow for a lead time of 3-5 business days. Should this timeframe be different, you will receive a separate email. This time frame varies depending on the availability of our ceramic vases and fragrances.


Woody / Amber

Top: Eucalyptus, Pine Needles
Middle: Balsam, Violet, Cedar
Base: Velvet Musk, Amber

Wax Weight
1.1 kg / 40 oz

Vessel Dimensions
5.5" diameter x 5" height / 14 cm diameter x 12.7 cm height

Burn Time
110+ hours

Reusable/recyclable matte black ceramic vessel, natural coconut soy wax, natural cotton wick, certified clean synthetic fragrance oils, essential oils; comes packaged inside of a brown kraft box.

Before each use, ensure the wick is a maximum length of 0.25" to help prevent smoke and residue.

Burn the candle until the entire surface of the wax has melted. Allow 2-3 hours.

If necessary, re-center the wick with care after extinguishing the flame—while wax remains molten.

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